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BAMBUNG BEACH COTTAGE is a friendly place

Surfing,swimming and boating are always on in the protected bay atBambung. The English speaking staff at Bambung are courteous and attentive to all guests.

Trained and experienced staff are available to help care for babies and young children and help parents to enjoy their stay. Children enjoy a host of new experiences – coconut trees, jack fruit and seeing the local fisherman in their village. Guests may visit the local shopping markets which are interesting and cheap.

Off the boat at Lombok to Bambung and the drive to the resort is exciting. Villages and beautiful countryside glide past pleasantly on the short journey to the Bambung Beach Resort where safe surfing, swimming and boating is at your doorstep. Canoes and personal watercraft are available for the guests to play. Danni, the local chief, competes in and oversees the ancient practice of stick fighting. It is uproariously popular within the village and competions with other villages are attended to capacity.This old form of competition is to test and encourage individual bravery – in friendly combat. This is a sight to see and an important part of the history of Lombok. At Bambung Beach Resort the service, surf, shrimp fishing, coconuts, flowers, warm sunshine and pleasant village people make for a quiet, restful and exciting holiday.

Sleeping in a bamboo cottage is a great experience or enjoy full on luxury in private apartments on the beachfront.

Bambung has it all.


If peace, tropical island and traditional culture is what you like, you are at the right place and read on. ;-) If you are a party person, who loves shopping centers, multi stories hotel and enjoy crowd then you may not be impressed by this last remaining sanctuary. The place had been build with tradition in heart, while leaving bit of western comfort and luxury for the one who loves the tradition, but want to see it from their own comfort zone. You have a choice of traditional and very economical Bamboo Houses or more luxurious Honeymoon Suits. While there is plenty of activities at the resort, it is strategically located in a unique bay away from all the modern world hustle and bustle. It is on a large property surrounded by Lobster bay on one site and small local farmers population on the other site. The nearest tourist accommodation is 15 Km away. The resort is self sufficient, but they provide transport to and from any place on the island. We also hire scoters and it takes only 15 minutes to Kute should you have the need.

How to get there

There is many ways you can get to this resort. The easiest one is via Lombok international airport, where you can be picked up by our staff or take a taxi. It takes around 40 minutes and cost $20 It is also popular to come from Bali by fast boat to Lembark or the Gili islands. Around $80. We can pick you up or you can take a taxi. Aprox $30. From Lembark it is around an hour trip and from Gilli islands it takes about 1.5 hours via a Monkey forest and Mataram. The secret way The most economic and traditional way from Bali is to take a slow boat from Padang bay to Lembark. It takes 4 hours and cost $2 per person. Your scoter is $10 extra.

Pick up & drop of and transport

We are able to pick and drop you off at any destination on the island. Scoters are also available for hire at our resort.

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