Water activity


Coconut shredder

The beach is very calm on most day surrounded by lobster farms. You can join the fisherman for a small fee on their daily activities. Or if you fisherman yourself, just hop on a traditional boat with a skipper who takes you to best spots in the bay.

It is very safe for children and you can watch them while relaxing under a traditional umbrella. We have kayaks and various surfboards for hire.

Mila and Anna are experienced local babysitters. Both love children and provide them with a lot activities. They play with them around the camp on the beach or take them for small excursions. Children favorite is coconut farm, where they watch and learn traditional coconut collecting and processing.

On the other hand if you are into surfing you can hardly find a better start. You can hire a traditional fishing boat with a skipper for less then $15 and go to a great surfing spot around 10 minutes away. The skipper will wait for you near the surfing spot. If you are a beginner you can get a surf instructor with a boat instead. This cost around $30 per person / hour. Experienced surf instructor will take you or your kids to the best spot to suit your skills level. Surf boards can be hired, but they are included with your surfing lesson. More adventurous kids can be towed on a surf board behind the boat as per video .

Running, Walking, Biking tracks

There is many tracks around our resort. Some are sealed, some are not and other are dirt or jungle tracks. What’s common on them is the beauty and minimum or no traffic. These are ideal for walkers and runners. However your spouse or kids can follow you by a scoter and support you along the way. Some use these tracks as opportunity to learn drive a scoter. Most of these tracks are not suitable for cars. Below is a suggestion for few favorite destinations. These are designed around scenic routes and finish at a “s spot”. The Short One 3 Kms return trip. from the resort, passing fisherman’s village, to the top of nearest hill to admire the scenic view. Secret Waves 12 – 15kms return. Initially it takes you on the same track as “The Short One”. Then it leads you on a semi-sealed track through the jungle to a beautiful bay where you can enjoy great swim and body surfing before you head back. You are likely to see monkeys and possibly lizards while listening to singing birds. If you meet any person it may be a local fisherman. This track is suitable for walkers and runners alike as well as for scoter or mountain bike. If you have energy for more, you can extend the trip by climbing a gorgeous cliff with stunning view. That would extend your track by 3 kms. Mystery Bay 12 kms return. Follow the same track for 3 kms until you get to “The Spot”. You can not miss this as it is the only “intersection” on the track. Turn right and follow the path until you get to a beautiful coral bay. Under calm conditions it is an amazing snorkeling place. This track is suitable for walkers and runners alike. Scoter requires little extra skill as they re are patches of sand. Mountain bikers need to push harder at some places or can walk around it. Other track will lead you through the villages passing schools and local houses. You will find very friendly residence and you will be admired by the kids, as they do not see a foreigner that often. Particularly when one is running or exercising. ;-) The more adventurous can run or walk on tracks, which are between farms. You can expect the same friendly people and heaps of farm animals. These tracks are almost unlimited as they use by the locals for travel within and between vilages. While all these places are completely safe, you should not run off tracks so you do not get lost. You can always leave a note with the reception, tell them where you going and when you plan to return. In the busiest period (July) an English speaking guide is running to different destination every day. You can join running, biking or even on a scoter to make sure you get to see the best places. ALL GUESTS CAN JOIN FREE OF CHARGE!

Breakfast by the sea

Sport activities

Concrete gym. We have a small selection of concrete gym equipment. Presian (Stick Fighting) Stick fighting is a seasonal activity at different vilages of the island. We can brink you to this traditional fighting art. We also have one of the best fighters on the Island ready to train you one on one or as a group. Just ask at the reception. Other activities around the island For the brave and adventurous

Mystery Bat Cave
This is very exciting destination, however it is very traditional and it may not suit every visitor. This trip involves around 35 minutes traveling each way and is located in the jungle with a beautiful scenic view. The cave can be entered either from the top by a traditional ladder supported by a rope. Most people however choose the entry from the bottom, which takes you through very narrow and low entry. Inside of the cave are thousands of bats, which eyes are shining like tiny torches. It is important to mention that the smell may be overwhelming for some as this is original and natural place without any alteration. The cave is not very long, so you can return at any time should you feel uncomfortable. Brave visitors may look for the harmless giant python which is around 6 meters long.