1st Lombok Bumbangku Marathon

Running in Asia become more popular despite of the weather conditions. Or maybe because of it. It is challenge to run in warm weather and high humidity. Bumbangku resort organised various activities around in their vicinity. Running was one of them and consideration Marathon came to mind, after many years of shorter running tracks.

Lombok Bumbangku Marathon will start and finish in Bumbangku resort. After careful consideration 8.7.2019 had been set as the day of event. There will also be shorter tracks for 5, 10 and 21 km run.

You welcome to stay at Bumbangku resort before the event, so you do not have to get up too early and also you may familiarise yourself with the surroundings and the track itself. Participants staying in Kuta Lombok may use free shuttle bus on the day. Preparation will start at 5:30 on the day and the first group will commence the run at 06:00 Short distance runners will follow in 30 minutes intervals. The tracks will be clearly identified and free water will be available every kilometre for duration of the run.

Fruit, snacks and healthy shakes will be provided for all participants after the event. The entry cost is US$60 for the Marathon runners US$25 for halve Marathon and for the short distance participants. A deposit of US$10 or the equivalent will secure your place in the event.

Payments can be made:

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